About us

ABSM established in 2018, is growing advisory & consulting firm in Pakistan that provides Business registration, accounting, auditing, taxation, Financial and Analytical Support To businesses, corporations, financial institutions and individual professionals with special focus on Pakistan and other geographical locations. We believe in serving our clients with energy, enthusiasm and vision. Our main aim is to support the clients with our professional services and build long term relationship, as a team we are focused towards professionalism and excellence in financial reporting of an organization.

competitive edge

Sector Expertise

  • ABSM has been providing services in various sectors which has led to build a team of sector experts.
  • ABSM has expertise across all the sectors ranging from infrastructure to consumer staples.

Geographical Expertise

  • ABSM’s cooperation stretches beyond the geographical boundaries.
  • ABSM’s team has an extensive work experience in the GCC & the MENA region and has also covered other geographies including North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia.

Quality Assurance

  • ABSM maintains the desired level of quality management based on fundamentals including Quality Planning, Quality improvement, Quality control & Quality assurance.


  • An independent, diverse team of professionals with experience in advising and assisting a community of clients seeking financial guidance.
  • The expertise of advisors specialized in holistic financial planning and investment advice.

Need Assessment

  • Developing a clear understanding of our client’s issues helps us identify potential strategies to help address their needs and provide guidance.


  • Whether you are undertaking a joint venture or merger, or divesting of assets, our multi-disciplinary team guide you through each stage of the
    transaction to help ensure a successful conclusion.